Stony Mountain RanchSchuylkill County, Pa

What Products are you selling?
       We currently have a full range of packaged retail meat cuts and products available.  We have a full variety of steaks from Flat Iron to Filet Mignon, a variety of roasts, ground beef and pre-made patties.  We also have beef sausage in several flavors and styles, ox tail and organs, soup and marrow bones.  Our dried beef jerky and beef sticks make delicious, all-natural, healthy snacks! (Click here for a full pricelist of our products.) 
Also, new in 2012, we are raising heritage breed (Tamworth) pork. Our pork is all natural, pasture raised and tastes amazing!! You need to try some of our bacon, ham, pork chops, or keilbasa! Click here for a full pricelist of the pork products available.

How can I purchase?

       We sell directly at the farm anytime.  All of our products for sale are stocked there.  You can also find us every Wednesday and Saturday, rain or shine, at 3 Greenmarket Farmers Markets in in Manhanttan and Staten Island.  We attend the Union Square Greenmarket every Wednesday from 8 to 6.  We are also at the Tucker Square Greenmarket at 66th and Columbus Ave. close to Lincoln Center on Saturdays from 8 to 5.  We attend the St. George Greenmarket in Staten Island every Saturday from 8 to 3.  We try to have a good stock of all our products, but the best chance of finding a particular product is earlier in the day as we can run out of some things by the end of the day.  Please do come see us there!  If you would like to pre-order for pickup at the market, just email or call us with what you want and we'll have it ready for you.  

Do you have online ordering and can you ship?
        Not yet.  We are exploring that for convenience to our customers.  If you would desire this, please take the time to drop us an email and let us know!  We love meeting our customers and developing friendships and we believe in the local farm to table concept, but we understand the need for convenience also.  If you email us with your interest, we'll notify you if/when we start online ordering and shipping. 

Who processes your meat?
We are currently processing through Smucker's Meats in Mt. Joy, PA.  They are a USDA inspected facility that does premium quality processing for local farmers.

How is your meat packaged?
       All of our meat is vacuum packaged for maximum freshness.  All of the raw products are quick frozen for lasting freshness.  We keep it frozen through the time of sale and you have the choice to store it for as long as you want in your freezer or begin thawing it for immediate use.  It can be thawed at room temperature (recommended) if it will be cooked the same day.  Otherwise it can be thawed slowly in your refrigerator and can be kept for a week that way. 

Is frozen meat as good as fresh meat (never frozen)? 
        In the case of our Piedmontese beef - definitely yes, we've never been able to detect a difference between fresh steaks or properly thawed frozen steaks.  All of our meat is Dry Aged for approximately 3 weeks prior to packing.  This combined with the special characteristics of the Piedmontese meat produces an amazingly tender, flavorful steak.  And it makes no difference if you cook that steak immediately after the aging process or months later after thawing - they are an identical, incredible eating experience.  You have to try it to believe it!

Is your beef grass fed?
        Yes!  Completely grass fed and grass finished.  Our cattle are all pastured and roam freely.  Their diet consists strictly of naturally grown grass, and hay when the grass isn't growing enough.  This is a significant commitment and increases our costs of production substantially.  But we feel it is the most natural method of raising cattle and provides proven health benefits; which combined with the already significant health benefits genetically provided in lean Piedmontese beef produces a truly superior beef product - unmatched by anything else available. 

My doctor says I must stay away from red meat so I can't eat your beef, right? 
       Well, not so fast!  Because of the unique fat and cholesterol characteristics of Piedmontese beef, as well as the grass-fed advantages, you just might be able to enjoy the real taste of beef and follow your doctor's strict diet guidlines at the same time.  This beef is healthier for you and better nutritionally in terms of fat and cholesterol than chicken or even fish for that matter. Please download our brochure and discuss the information with your doctor.  The beef we are raising and selling is the "Piedmontese (1 copy) grassfed" as found in the health benefits chart.  It's nutrient dense, a good source of essential fatty acids (omega 3's), low in saturated fats, cholesterol and caleries and yet is still flavorful and tender!  This is not ordinary beef and is heart-healthy. If you like beef, but are on a restricted diet, you're at the right place!